While in NYC I accidentally took the most amazing picture. It was filled with light and life. I quickly tried to retake it, but this time with what I was taught was proper exposure. It lost it's life and detail. That is when it occurred to me, I've been doing this wrong! It has been my mission to bring light and life back to photography. When I take your photo, I want YOU to be the first thing I look at in the photo. not the props or scenery. I always seek out beautiful swirling light and direct you toward it, giving you photos that spark emotion and life. I love photos with movement and color and interesting perspectives. The only bad lighting is no lighting. I like to use whatever light and scenery available to creatively produce a photo true to what you experienced at the moment with minimal equipment and lighting. 

My favorite thing to shoot is weddings because they are the most documentary and need little to no direction for something exciting to happen.  I also love shooting lifestyle photos in the home. I also do family shoots outside of the home and maternity, couples and birth stories. I would love to meet you and discuss what I can do for you for your next photo occasion!